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The wash day struggle is real! From pre-pooing to washing and styling, the process can take hours...sometimes even days. (We've all fallen asleep with a style half done because we're too sleepy to finish it!) So, in today's blog post we're sharing 10 tips that will make your wash day just a little bit easier. (Please note that these tips are not meant to be followed in order.)

  1. Skip making a pre-poo potion and instead pre-poo your hair with your regular conditioner and if you have a dry, sensitive scalp, mix in a few drops of tea tree and peppermint oil for instant relief. 
  2. Detangle your hair in sections with a wide-toothed comb before you wash it as it will help prevent tangling when you start washing it. 
  3. Wash your hair section by section to get your hair squeaky clean and to prevent tangling. 4 - 6 sections will do. 
  4. Save time and wash your hair in your cornrows (if of course you already have them in cornrows, because you've been wearing them under your wigs for example). 
  5. When washing focus mainly on your scalp and gently stroke your fingers down your hair to prevent tangling. 
  6. Invest in a scalp massage brush. They are only about $3 and feel AH-MAZING on your scalp when you wash your hair. 
  7. Add leave-in conditioner and heat protectant to your hair before you blowdry it and then seal the moisture in with your favorite oil.
  8. Use a bonnet blowdryer to dry your hair and set your braid out or twist out in just an hour.
  9. If you have defined curls, scrunch them as you blow dry them for sexy, bouncy curls. 
  10. Rope in your mom, your best friend, your daughter, your husband if you can. Even having someone just blow dry a section of your hair when you're frustrated can be such a relief. 

Got any more tips? Share them in the comments!

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