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Box braids are a fantastic get-up-and-go hairstyle, but if you want to have a little bit of fun styling them then you're going to LOVE today's post! So, let's get started.


Half-Up, Half-Down


Step One: Raise your hands and place your thumbs on either side of your head, just above your ears. 

Step Two: Drag your thumbs together, picking up your hair as you go.

Step Three (optional): Take out one or two braids in the front and leave them down as "bangs".

Step Four: Secure the top half of your hair with a hairband. 



Top Knot 


Step One: Follow the steps listed above for the "half-up, half-down" hairstyle. 

Step Two: After securing your hair with a hairband, twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with another band. 


Hair Bow 


Step One: Follow the steps listed above for the "half-up, half-down" hairstyle. 

Step Two: After securing your hair with a hairband, pull out half of the ponytail so it looks like box 3 in the above image. 

Step Three: Then pull out the other half so it looks like box 4. 

Step Four: Wrap the excess braids around the middle of the two bulges creating your hair bow and secure it with hairpins or hairbands. 


Side Sweep 


Step One: Part your braids on the side. 

Step Two: Sweep both sides of your hair into the back, leaving some of the braids down. 

Step Three: Secure them with a hairband. 


Looking for more ideas? Check out this video from Kenzey Cooper:


Box braids are easy to care for and versatile! Check out our braiding hair now

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