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360 Frontals: Everything you need to know...

360 Frontals: Everything you need to know...

360 frontals are everywhere. You've probably seen or heard of them, they have lace that spans the entire circumference of your head. But are they worth the hype? And are they right for you? In this week's article we discuss...


360 Frontal


360 Frontal FAQ’s

How do I install a 360 frontal?

360 frontals can be installed in a number of ways just like a closure or regular frontal. You can use them as part of a DIY wig (you can use an elastic band to keep it in place if you don’t want to use wig glue/gel) or have them sewn to your hair.


How many bundles will I need alongside the 360 frontal?

That depends on the density and length of the bundles and 360 frontal that you have. You may end up using anywhere between two and four bundles.


How long does a 360 frontal last?

That depends on how often you’ll be wearing it and what you intend to do with it. With great care a 360 frontal will last you up to a year but you have to keep in mind that if you bleach the knots, or repeatedly take it swimming or pluck it etc. then the lace may weaken or the hair might shed and therefore it won't last as long.


Do I need to pluck my 360 frontal?

Unless you are purchasing a pre-tweezed 360 frontal then you may want to pluck it to give it a more natural look. It’s up to you!


Reasons why 360 frontals are lit…

  • They look super natural especially when you either leave a little of your baby hairs out or customize the 360 frontal with its own baby hairs.
  • You can wear your hair up in a variety of hairstyles, such as a bun or space buns, without having to do a vixen part install.
  • You don’t have to leave any of your hair out making a 360 installation a great protective hairstyle – plus you don’t have to worry about blending your hair.
  • They can last up to a year if you look after them well.
  • You can install them in a variety of ways.


Reasons you might want to give a 360 frontal a pass…

  • As with a regular frontal or closure depending on how you install it, it will need to be maintained regularly to keep up with slippage or to reapply the glue.
  • If you use an elastic band for a glueless install and tighten the band too much then it might cause headaches.
  • They can be pricier than a regular frontal or closure.
  • It might be difficult to find the right size for your head, you might find it too tight, or too big if you don’t install it correctly.

Take a look at our 360 frontals, and let us know down in the comments section if you would try one or if you have and what you thought about it. 


  • I’m interested in trying one. Sounds like something I need

  • I would like to try a 360 frontal because I have gray in the front of my head and would like to cover that also I’m trying to grow my edges out and thought this might help because I’m not putting any tention on them.


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