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Doing your little one's hair is about keeping it healthy so it can thrive in those early years and also about teaching them good hair care practices for later on in life. Black hair in particular requires extra care to keep it moisturized and protected. Today, we're sharing our top tips for healthy hair and making hairstyling fun for Black and multiracial children. Check it out:

Keep it simple

Children's skin in particular can be very sensitive. It's always best to use products that are formulated for children or ones that are completely natural, for example, coconut oil, carrot oil etc. with no additional ingredients. Always take the time to read the ingredients and if a product includes sulfates, dimethicone, polyethylene glycol, and/or ethanolamines, then avoid it. Instead, look for ingredients that are natural and easily-pronounceable like water and oils. Also, avoid mixing too many products together as it could cause skin irritation and make it harder to identify the culprit.

Determine your child's hair type

Knowing your child's hair type and porosity is crucial for knowing how to care for their hair properly. Additionally, knowing if they have dry or sensitive scalp will help you to pick the right products for them. Hair that's low porosity coupled with a dry scalp could indicate that your child's hair needs more moisture. Check out this blog post where we break down everything you need to know about hair types and porosity.

Be gentle

Always carefully detangle your child's hair and opt for tear-free shampoos and conditioners to make washing their hair a bit more enjoyable. When styling be extra gentle if you have a child that's tender-headed (a tender scalp coupled with kinkier hair can make styling feel very painful). Avoid tight hairstyles that may cause breakage and receding edges, and also avoid using rubber bands, chemicals, and heavy products that may cause itching and discomfort.

Make hairstyling and wash days fun

Let's face it, having their hair done isn't the "funnest" activity for children. They would much rather be playing, watching cartoons or running around. Make bathtime and shower time fun by playing music and letting them bring bath toys in with them. Perhaps ducky is also having their hair done today, right?

And when it comes to hairstyling, if it's possible to let them choose how they want their hair then do so. If they are having a hairstyle that's going to take a little while, keep them sitting straight with a book, movie or iPad (if you don't mind them on it). Teach them what oils and creams you're putting in their hair as you do so and let them get involved by applying some as well. When it comes to sleep time, why not get matching bonnets?

Check out this post sharing cute hairstyles for Black and multiracial girls. We'll have a post for boys coming soon.

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