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Today we're putting synthetic hair and human hair head-to-head to help you figure out which is best for you! Let us know which you prefer down in the comments section.

Synthetic Hair

1. Super Affordable! While a human hair wig (or a single bundle) can start at over $100 you can pick up a synthetic wig starting from just $12.99!
2. Versatility. If you're someone who likes to switch up your wig or your sew-in then synthetic hair can be the right choice because it's easier and cheaper to switch up your look or your color.
3. Wide Color Selection. While you'd have to bleach or dye human hair, synthetic hair already comes dyed in a range of shades, so you can just throw it on and go!
4. Easy Styling. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and hold their shape for a long time.
5. Undetectable! In many cases, if you style and apply your synthetic hair correctly it can pass as human hair!

1. Tangling. All synthetic hair will tangle eventually but there are ways to make it last longer. Learn more by reading this blog post
2. Can't change the color (in most cases). Synthetic hair can't be bleached or dyed. However, if you buy a platinum or white-blonde wig you could dye it with alcohol ink.
3. Shine. Some synthetic wigs do have an unnatural shine but it's easily fixed with dry shampoo.

Human Hair

1. Versatility. Human hair can be bleached, dyed, permed and more!
2. Longevity. If you look after human hair it can up to a year (even with daily wear).
3. Realistic. It's real so of course, it looks realistic! It will move in the same way real hair does and if it's healthy will have a very natural luster.

1. Can Be Expensive. Human hair can set you back a few coins. 
2. High maintenance. If you buy a platinum blonde synthetic wig you'd look after it like you would any other synthetic wig but if you buy platinum blonde human hair it's going to require extra TLC because the hair is chemically processed and should be treated as you would your own hair.
3. Weight. Human hair can feel heavier than synthetic hair even if it's of a similar length and density.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing either one:

1. How often do you want to switch up your hair?
2. What's your budget?
3. How much time do you have to look after the hair?

That's it for this week, Queens. Take a look at our range of synthetic and human hair wigscrochet hair and sew-in hair now! 

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    what about natural human blend hair? what does it mean and can it be coloured? Thanks


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