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Every day gives you the opportunity to slay. Whether you're at home, running errands or at work! Today, we're sharing 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing the perfect hairstyle to rock when you're at work.

Does your company have a dress code?

This is the most important question because it will be the foundation for choosing the perfect style that won't have you brought into HR! Some companies will have quite strict guidelines, for example, only natural hair colors permitted. While that means that you should probably stay clear of the pinks and aqua blues, don't let that discourage you from having fun with your hair. Even with natural blacks, browns, and blondes, you can still experiment with different styles such as bobs, wavy hair, crochet braids and more!

Are you client-facing?

Usually, companies are a little stricter with employees who are client-facing. While we don't like to think of customers and clients judging us on our appearance, people do. Think about how you want to present yourself to them when you choose a style. Maybe it means a lot to you. Maybe it doesn't.

Do you have an active job?

Let's face it, if you're a gym teacher in Arizona then you might not want to wear 24-inch synthetic curls. And if you're working an outside job somewhere where it's very humid you might prefer a protective style over wearing your natural hair because then you don't have to worry about frizz!

Are you prepared for the annoying questions your co-workers will ask?

Trust us, as soon as they find out you're wearing a wig or a weave or perhaps even your natural hair, the questions will come. How do you put your wig on? How is your weave installed? Can I touch it? While some of us have a high tolerance to the amount they'll put up with, others do not. Stick to similar styles and colors or tell your co-workers to mind their own, if you don't want to discuss your hair.

How much time do you have in the mornings to style your hair?

Sleep is amazing and sometimes you just want a few extra minutes in bed. If you don't have a lot of time in the mornings then opt for a style that's easy, such as throwing on a wig or wearing crochet braids.

Let us know what your next work hairstyle will be down below in the comments! If you're looking for ideas check out our weaving hair, lace front wigs, braiding hair and crochet braids now.

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