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4 Ways to Start Locs

4 Ways to Start Locs

Locs, also called dreadlocks or dreads, is a hairstyle where your hair is entangled together in rope-like strands. Locs are a gorgeous low-maintenance hairstyle that can be dyed or styled just like you would with something like single braids. Locs range from individual strands (the ones you probably think about when you think of locs) to freeform locs where the hair naturally forms locs without manipulation.

If you're thinking about styling your hair with locs, here are four ways to get started:

1. Two-strand twists

Strand twists are created by twisting two strands of hair together so that the roots will begin locking up on their own. Some say that strand twists can create locs faster than the braided method because the strands aren't held together as tightly and can more easily lock up.

2. Comb twist

As the name suggests, comb twists are created by using a comb to wraps strands of hair into coils (twists). They can be created with just a few inches of hair and will need to be maintained one to two times a month until your hair starts to lock on its own.

3. Instant locs / crochet method

This technique is best performed by a professional as if it isn't done properly then it can damage your hair. The key benefit of this method is that you can literally instantly walk out of the salon with locs, they look great, and you're able to wash or swim with your hair immediately because the locs will be tight.

4. Freeform locs

As we've stated, freeform locs are formed by not performing any manipulation to your hair at all, seriously, that's it. Stop brushing your hair, trust the process, and be patient - they will form.


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