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If you aren't a well-seasoned wig wearer then there might be some myths that you've heard about them that are holding you back from trying one. Today, we're sharing five common myths about synthetic and human hair wigs and the reason why they are absolutely false! Let's get into it...

1. Wigs cause headaches

Wigs only cause headaches when they are too tight. Wig makers do their absolute best to ensure that doesn't happen. Synthetic wigs come with adjustable straps so you can adjust the wig to your head size. If you watch YouTube reviews before you buy you'll often hear wig gurus tell you if the wig is "big head friendly". For human hair wigs, then most definitely measure the circumference of your head so that you choose the ideal wig size (or why not make your own wig with weaving hair).

2. Synthetic wigs don't look natural

Wigs have come a very long way from their fake scalp and super shiny hair days. Today, synthetic wigs are competing with human hair wigs with how natural they look. Don't believe us? Check out the Melted Hairline Collection from Outre.

3. You can't style wigs

Wigs can absolutely be styled. For the most versatility you'll want to choose a full lace wig, but even if your wig just has a scalp part there are hairstyles that you'll be able to create. Check out these videos to see what we mean. Below Jade Gabriell has created a super cute halo braid with a regular parted wig.

4. Wigs don't last for a long time

Synthetic wigs can last months with proper care (i.e. taking them off at night time, and brushing them through if they're straight) and human hair wigs can last for years so don't believe this myth.

5. Wigs destroy your hairline

We've all seen the pictures of Naomi Campbell and heard horror stories about how wigs destroyed her hairline. This is called tension alopecia and is caused when a tight hairstyle pulls too hard on your hair and then causes thinning. As long as you wear a wig that comfortably fits your hairline without being too tight and your braids aren't too tight then you won't have to worry about tension alopecia. Remember, wigs are a protective hairstyle but switch them up every now and again with other styles.

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