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Let's be honest, natural hair, as beautiful as it is can also be a lot of work to take care of. And while braid outs, twist outs and bantu knot outs can be fun to do every now and again, sometimes you just want a style that's a little more long-term with minimal maintenance. That's why in today's post we're sharing 5 protective braid styles. Enjoy!   


1. Faux Locs

Instagram / anthonycuts

Faux locs are a fun style that can be installed without the commitment of dreadlocking your hair. They can be installed by either crocheting them into your hair or by braiding your hair and wrapping the locs around each braid for a more natural appearance. If you have time, you could even install them yourself! 

2. Ghana Braids 

Instagram / thatdynamitechick

Ghana braids, also known as banana braids, are a gorgeous, long-lasting style that originates from Africa. Traditionally the braids start slightly thinner towards the crown of the head and get chunkier and curve the closer they get to the base, similar to the shape of a banana. While you could attempt this one at home, it's probably easier to go to a salon as parting the back of your own hair neatly can be tricky! 

3. Chunky Braids

Haven't got time for small box braids? Opt for chunky braids instead, they can last just as long and look absolutely flawless. You can even accessorize them by wrapping them or by adding cuffs. To prevent breakage and reduce tension try the rubber band method. 

4. Double Halo Braid

Instagram / ezimprovedbeauty
Show everyone how angelic you are by wearing a double halo braid! If you have short natural hair you can use braiding hair to make your braid chunkier. Check out this super easy way how to get this style here: 

5. Two Simple Braids 

StarringAshleyA / YouTube 

Sometimes you just want a simple, easy braided style that lasts and cornrowing your hair in two is the perfect solution. If you sleep with a bonnet or hair wrap these braids can last you a week or even two depending on your hair texture. 

Once your hair is in braids, the maintenance is super easy! We'll have a blog post showing you how to maintain your hair and scalp when your hair is braided coming very soon!  

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