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When you first go natural, it can be this exciting journey that's filled with all kinds of possibilities and excitement. What's your hair texture going to be like? How are you going to style your newly curly hair? But after a while (especially when you've gone from washing your hair in 15 minutes to wash days...) you can hear the creamy crack calling you back, and the thought will cross your mind that it would be so much easier to go back to relaxers.

Well before you do here are 3 reasons not to give in: 


Remember the Breakage?

Relaxer chemically alters the structure and Ph of your hair. This process makes your hair porous, weak and prone to split ends. While it is possible to have healthy, relaxed hair, it takes a lot of work, and often people suffer with breakage, to the point where it feels like your hair just won’t grow. How long and healthy has your hair grown since going natural? Also, if you enjoy coloring your hair, it’s much harder to do so when it’s relaxed because that only increases the risk of breakage.

Remember the Burn?

When a relaxer is left on for too long or if you just have a sensitive scalp it can feel as though your head is on fire. Most relaxed girls have suffered from a chemical burn before (whether they’ve gone to a professional or tried to DIY it) and the stinging and the weeping isn’t fun to deal with. Constant scalp irritation can also increase your chances of having dandruff, hair loss, and other scalp issues.

Remember the Dryness?

Ever put your hair in a ponytail and it’s been so stiff that it remained sticking outright no matter what direction you turned your head? Yup, that’s dry hair. And if you like so many of us out there also use heat styling tools to get your hair extra sleek you probably found that it only increased the dryness.


Remember ladies, what you do with your hair is your choice, wear it relaxed, wear it natural, wear a wig, whatever you do, be happy! 

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  • I remember the burn but the breakage and dryness did come until I began transitioning. I’ve been natural for 8 years and haven’t been able to grow my hair past shoulder length…that’s with going to a stylist every 8-10 for some TLC. and protective styles. I was waist length while relaxed. Bring on the creamy crack!


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