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Life is too short for boring hair and that's a fact! Playing with colors and textures is just one of the reasons that hair extensions and wigs are so addicting! You can be blonde today, brunette tomorrow and the next day, a redhead! Here are five reasons you should try red hair. 


1. Red hair is for any season

While some people like to reserve deep and fiery reds for fall, red hair looks great any time of the year. Imagine teaming your red hair with the sunkissed glow of summer. Can you say fire!

2. It's bold AF

From fire engine red to black cherry and copper tones, red hair stands out and all eyes will be on you!

3. It doesn't have to be permanent

Try a stunning, coppery wig like Jade Gabriell wearing Vanessa Honey-2 T2HB TAGUS - and the best part about it is that you can whip it off and switch it up when you feel like it. Forget the hassle and maintenance of dyeing your own hair!

4. It's going to look bomb with your skin tone

There are so many shades of red to try and we promise you there is at least one that's going to make your melanin pop! (Picture shown is of a custom wig made by Peak Mill).

5. You're not getting any younger (jks)

Seriously, even as you've read through this article you've aged a few minutes so why not just take the plunge and try red hair!  


Will you give red hair a try? Let us know in the comments section. 


  • Why is there no link to buy the wig the #4 Girl is wearing in the “5 Reasons To Try Fiery Red” ad you emailed on 7/17/18. I have always been afraid to experiment with colors, but this red is simply captivating! I must know the wig and the color she is wearing in this ".

    Thank you!

    Lynn Little
  • I love it. The color is absolutely beautiful! And it’s a red that can compliment many complexions. I’d buy it.

  • That color so pretty I love red hair, currently wearing braids that are red so I’m all for red hair yasss.


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