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Are you thinking about buying a wig but aren't sure if you're ready to take the plunge? First of all, trust us when we say that if applied properly noone is going to clock that you're wearing a wig and it isn't just going to fly off in the wind! In this blog post, we're going to help you make your decision by giving you five reasons to try a wig. Let's get into it...

1. Experiment with color with NO damage to your own hair

Whether you're looking for face-framing highlights or neon green hair, there is a wig color out there for you! If you've always wanted to dye your hair or try a new hairstyle or curl pattern with no damage to your own hair then a wig could be the way to go. Want relaxed hair without the relaxer? Get a wig. Fancy, kinky curly hair the next day, a wig has got you!

2. Hide a bad hair cut or color!

A wig--unlike a half wig or a sew-in with leave out--will completely cover your hair so if you happen to be trying to hide a bad color or haircut you can easily do so in seconds by putting on a wig.

3. A fantastic protective hairstyle

Especially if you have curly or kinky hair, it deserves a break from changes in temperature and the rigours of everyday styling. Type 4 hair, in particular, can be particularly weak and should be treated like cashmere--delicately, without pulling and too much twisting. A wig can give your natural hair a well-deserved break!

4. Time-saver

Once your hair is braided down flat, you can put a wig cap and a wig on in less than a few minutes. How much time would that save you in the mornings? (Enough for a few extra ZZZs, right?)

5. A hairstyle that lasts

With good care, a synthetic wig can last months, and a human wig can last years. If you aren't sure whether a synthetic or human hair wig is right for you, check out this blog post on synthetic wigs versus human hair wigs to help make your decision.

Thinking you might be ready to try a wig? Check out our human, human hair blend and synthetic wigs today.

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