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Who says black girls can't wear blonde? Because whoever they are they need to zip it! Blonde hair looks absolutely bomb on darker skin tones and if you haven't taken the plunge already here are five reasons why you should! 

1. It will look incredible on your skin tone

There is literally a shade of blonde for every skin tone! From platinum blonde to caramel blonde and everything in between you are sure to find one that will not only look amazing on you but you'll also feel comfortable wearing.

2. It’s an exciting change

Going blonde can be a fun way to switch up your look, and with braids, wigs and weave you don’t even have to worry about damaging your natural hair!

3. Blondes have more fun

OK, so this one isn’t actually scientifically proven but if you go blonde you can certainly put it to the test!

4. It will give your hair dimension

With dark hair it can be difficult to really truly see the intricacies of certain hairstyles (think of how a French braid looks on black hair versus blonde hair). However, because blonde is lighter and has more tones it can add detail to certain styles.

5. You can easily enhance it with colors

Colors such as blue, pink and purple are so much more visible on blonde hair so it’s much easier for you to play with colors. (Did you know that you can dye synthetic blonde hair with alcohol ink?)


Do you think you’ll give blonde hair a try? Let us know in the comments section below!



  • when it does not look natural, men will not have respect for you. you look like a tramp to men. real men don’t find fake hair, fake lashes, and fake make up to be beautiful. if he has sex with you he is most likely thinking of someone else, because the look in most of these photos will not get him hard. plus tattoos and dog collars are not getting it done. these people want you to be ugly so they can say, see white people are prettier. why are most of these multi color hair women lesbians’? because guys find it very unsexy.

    james bond
  • Yes I already have and I get a lot of complements…

    Andrea N Brown
  • I use to be scared to try blonde hair but after giving it a chance I fell in love. Even though it makes me look extra bright, I’m here for it!

    Kentrinisha Powell
  • Had ordered a wig and when it came I thought ’That’s not the color I ordered!’ A platinum blonde wig with dark roots. I contacted the company, got a RMA from them, and boxed it up to return. Next thing I know it was past the deadline, and I hadn’t mailed it off. So…I opened the box, tried the wig on, and fell in love. Much to my surprise, my husband liked it a lot, too! My friends say blonde-colored hair suits my sassy personality. Several women have approached me & told me that I am beautiful. Just celebrated my wedding anniversary, and all eyes were on me in the restaurant. Ok, the majority of eyes. I really enjoy being a blonde!

    Deb Bush
  • I finally took the plunge late early Fall and haven’t looked back! I never thought I pull it off. I thought blonde would wash me out. Guess I was wrong! I get so many compliments! Guess I’ve found my color!

    Robyn Hunter

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