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Humidity is a curly girl's worst enemy! It turns beautiful, bouncy curls to frizz and makes gorgeous coils shrink, completely ruining whatever hairstyle you'd had planned for the day. Frizz is caused when the moisture in the air penetrates hair strands making it swell. Well, Queens, today we're sharing five ways to battle frizz in the spring/summer heat!

1. For best results apply your favorite anti-frizz product to soaking wet hair so that as your hair dries the product seals your strands. 

2. If your hair is course coconut oil and shea butter will be your best friends in humid weather. Both help to keep the frizz at bay while nourishing your hair and making it look shiny. Look for products that contain anti-humectant ingredients such as beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter because they prevent your hair from absorbing the moisture in the air and make for very happy curls!

3. Keeping frizz at bay starts from when you wash your hair. We recommend using a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, especially one that contains keratin, a type of protein that your hair is naturally made up of. Follow up by drying your hair with a microfiber towel. Squeeze and blot rather than vigorously rubbing the towel across your hair and you'll remove more water than a regular towel and reduce frizz.

4. Dry, damaged hair is more prone to frizz so be sure to moisturize your locs and seal in the moisture with your favorite hair oil!

5. Lazy-Girl Hack: Ditch the battle and give in by styling your hair in a cute up-do instead!

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