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A tender scalp can completely take the fun out of hairstyling. Who wants to experiment with new styles when just looking at a comb makes your head hurt? And if you have a tender-headed child, combing their hair can be a battle, filled with lots of tears. Not fun! So, in this week’s blog post we’re sharing our 5 top tips to help relieve a tender scalp!

1. Apply essential oils
Lavender, rosemary and almond oil all have cleansing and soothing properties that can help relieve scalp pain. However, don’t apply them undiluted as that can cause further irritation, instead mix about five drops in with half a cup to a cup of water in a spray bottle and apply directly to the scalp.

2. Determine if there is an underlying cause
In some cases a tender-head is caused by something else, for example wearing tight hairstyles or using the wrong hair products on an already sensitive scalp. We recommend staying away from products with sulfates and mineral oil and swapping them with more natural, lighter hair conditioners and oils. If you’ve installed braids or pulled your hair into a ponytail and can feel pain around your edges or feel bumps appearing on your scalp, remove them immediately. This tension can cause hair loss.

3. Wear longer lasting styles
Rather than combing your hair or your child’s hair daily, give the scalp a break and wear a style that will last at least a week or more. Rather than going for micro-braids or intricate cornrows which can take hours and cause a lot of pain, try a braidless crochet style or opt for a hairstyle with fewer cornrows. If you insist on box braids or something similar use fewer packs of hair and braid the hair loosely but securely.

4. Take a pain pill
If you’re going to get braids or a sew-in installed consider taking pain pills beforehand to minimize the pain.

5. Distraction
Let’s be real, sometimes when you’re doing a child’s hair they play-up out of sheer frustration and boredom that they have to sit still for longer than a couple of minutes. If that’s the case, distract them by singing together, watching TV or by giving them a game to play. And take your time doing their hair, you’re natural instinct may be to style their hair as quickly as possible to get it over with but by taking your time and being gentle they’ll see that combing their hair can be an enjoyable experience.


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  • I’m an adult, I’m the one with a sensitive scalp. I don’t use harsh products. On bad days, a strong breeze can hurt my scalp. This did not help.

  • this is the best

  • Thank you

    Cheryl Snodgrass

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