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Say goodbye to breakage! 

Dry, damaged hair has less elasticity making it prone to breakage, and unfortunately once hair has broken there is no way to repair it. You can condition your hair with oils and moisturizers to make it appear less damaged and blend with the rest of your hair, but in the end, you'll have to wait for your new healthy hair to grow. If your hair is experiencing breakage due to chemical treatments, coloring, or something else we've got the tea on how you can stop breakage now!

1. Strengthen your hair from the inside out

We've said it before, the food you put in your body nourishes your hair so if you have a bad diet you can't expect to have healthy hair. It's all well and good applying the right daily moisturizers to your hair but you also need to strengthen your hair from the inside out with protein, multi-vitamins, iron, zinc, and more. We've got a whole blog post exploring the kinds of food you can eat to provide your hair with essential nourishment, so get your taste buds watering and read 'Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair' now. 

2. Swap your cotton pillow for silk

Cotton pillowcases soak up oils and moisture from your hair, making it even drier, and the rough cotton fibers can cause even more breakage. If you sleep with a silk scarf then that's excellent and will certainly help minimize breakage, however, if you're an active sleeper you may want to get a silk pillowcase just in case your scarf falls off. 

3. Moisturize and deep condition

Keeping your hair moisturized and deep conditioned makes it less brittle and less likely to break. Use the LOC (leave-in conditioner, oil, cream) method to LOC in moisture for up to two to three days. And on wash day, replenish the oils and emollients you've lost with a good deep condition. For an extra deep condition, apply conditioner to your hair and cover your hair in a plastic bag for at least fifteen minutes. The heat will help open up your hair cuticles, making the conditioner seep in even further. Wash your hair out in cold water to seal the cuticles.  


4. Avoid bad habits 

Curly and coily hair is the weakest of all hair textures. All of those twists and turns, while beautiful, are much more prone to breakage than straight hair. And when hair is wet it's even weaker. If you need to detangle your hair in the shower on wash day, use a big tooth comb and lots of conditioner so the comb glides through your hair rather than snagging. And don't forget to trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends! When split ends are left, the split travels all the way up the hair shaft until it breaks, leaving behind a very thin, brittle strand.

5. Prevent over-manipulation of your hair

Overstyling, overbrushing and too much heat are all things that only make breakage worse. Heat damage can even change the texture of your hair permanently! Take a break from daily/weekly styling and try a wig, crochet braids or box braids. Just ensure they aren't too tight and you don't leave them in for too long as they can cause tension which can be painful and in some unfortunate cases can cause hair loss. When installed correctly and for a good length of time a protective hairstyle can give your hair the break it needs to grow longer and stronger! 

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