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6 Reasons your Hair isn’t Growing

6 Reasons your Hair isn’t Growing

6 reasons your hair isnt growing

Does it feel like you’ve been trying to grow your hair forever, but for some reason you aren't noticing any growth? Here are six reasons why your hair isn’t growing and tips on how to grow long, strong, healthy hair...

1. It’s time for a trim
Trimming your hair regularly gets rid of split ends and fairy knots and means that your hair will grow stronger and look fuller. If you aren’t trimming your hair regularly your ends may look a bit straggly giving you the impression that your hair isn’t growing.

2. You’re not being patient
Instagram has made it seem like you pop a hair gummy and within a few weeks your hair will grow ten inches. The internet is full of quick tips that will supposedly grow your hair inches overnight. The fact of the matter is that there is no quick fix to long hair. While taking supplements will make your hair grow stronger and make it seem like it’s growing faster, it’s actually growing at the same rate. Hair grows approximately a quarter of an inch per month, though that depends on your genetics, which brings us on to our next point.

3. It's all about genetics
Ever wonder why your best friend’s hair seems to grow much faster than yours even though you both have similar hair care routines? That’s because it might actually be doing just that. Genetics plays a big part in how fast your hair grows, just like it does your hair texture or eye color.

4. You’ve got bad hair habits
You have to look after your hair if you want it to grow healthy and long. You can't just throw it in a protective hairstyle and hope for the best. Healthy hair is moisturized hair!

5. Your hair is damaged and brittle
Brittle hair breaks. Keep your hair conditioned and seal in moisture with the LOC or LCO method. (L= Leave in Conditioner. O = Oil. C = Cream). Your unique hair needs will depend on whether you LOC or LCO, give them both a try to find what works for you. 

6. You aren’t eating healthily 
Making sure you get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need and drinking lots of water will help to improve the overall condition of your hair and help it grow longer.

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