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Baby Smooth Skin | Shills Black Mask Demo + Review

Baby Smooth Skin | Shills Black Mask Demo + Review

Want baby smooth skin in less than 35 minutes? Then the Shills Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask might just be for you. 

YouTuber and Blogger, Jade Gabriell has the details... 

You've probably seen these videos on social media, they're usually titled something like 'THE MOST PAINFUL FACE MASK EVER' and in it you laugh as you watch someone peeling off a black mask. But do these masks work? That's what I wanted to find out and why I was happy to put the Shills Purifying Peel-Off Mask to the test. Watch my video review or read on to find out the results. 

The Application 

It's very easy to apply, you simply take off your makeup,cleanse and dry your face, and then apply the mask. There's enough in the bottle for a good few applications which is great! You then leave the mask on for between 20-30 minutes (I left mine on for 30 minutes). You can feel when it's ready because the mask will feel tighter on your face. Once it's ready you peel it off... 

Does it hurt? 

In a word, yes. If you've ever tried a nose strip, it feels like that but all over your face. Towards the end of taking off the mask I realized that peeling it in short fast bursts helps to reduce the pain. 

Is it worth it? 

My face felt baby smooth after using the face mask and by the next morning (I applied the face mask in the evening) the redness had disappeared and I was left with just smooth skin. 

Jade's face after using the black mask

It's not the kind of mask that I'll be using weekly but I'm definitely going to use it every few months. It pulled out grime and so many blackheads from my face. The pain was worth it! As my Grandmother says, 'You have to go through pain to look beautiful', so go on, give the Shills Black Mask a go.  

Jade's blackheads

Watch Jade's review on YouTube... 

 Try the Shills Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask for yourself now.  


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