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To straighten or not to straighten your hair is a personal choice and don't let anyone tell you otherwise - but while there are some people that will tell you not to straighten your hair, here are four reasons why you absolutely should


1. It's your choice.

As we alluded to in the introduction, it's your decision. If you want to straighten your hair and are ready to keep up with the upkeep then what's stopping you?


2. You're bored of or are taking a break from protective styles. 

Wigs, braids, and weaves are great and all, but every now and again you might want to wear your own hair. If you're in the mood to rock your curls and kinks, then fantastic! But if you'd rather not deal with braid outs and curling cream, then why not pull out the hair straighteners?


3. You want to make your hair more manageable. 

Curly hair is gorgeous, but let's be honest it can take a lot of work keeping away the fairy knots, detangling your hair and ensuring that your curls are popping and not getting frizzy. Straightening your hair can make it more manageable and can make it easier to achieve certain styles. 


4. It doesn't have to be permanent. 

Unless you're taking the plunge with relaxer, you can straighten your hair with heat and have your curls pop again when you next wash your hair! If you're scared about heat damage, check out our post on how to straighten kinky hair to get the best tips on how to ensure your hair stays healthy and your curls come back bouncy! 


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  • I thought for a long time that straightening my hair will mess up my curl pattern. You just have to find a great stylist who knows how to do hear protection! Change it up sometimes!

    Brenitra Lee

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