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Imagine this: you go for a silk press and a trim. Your regular stylist isn't available so you make do with another hairdresser in the salon. Afterwards, your hair looks lit! We're talking, people are stopping you on the street to compliment you. Two weeks later, your hair hasn't frizzed, it's still straight. It's wash day. You shampoo your hair, massaging it as you go waiting for your gorgeous, natural curls to pop back but they aren't. Some parts of your hair remain dead straight. You don't want to accept it. You shampoo your hair again, but it doesn't help. Your hair is every naturalista's worst nightmare. It's heat damaged! 


Now we're not trying to scare anyone. You can have a silk press or a blow-out and have beautiful results without damaging your curls. But in the event that you do have heat damage, this week's blog post is for you. We're going to get your curls popping again. 

Step 1: Stay away from heat
We know this step is obvious but we wanted to mention it anyway. Put down your blow-dryer and instead air dry your hair. We recommend twisting or braiding your hair when it's wet to add definition as your curls dry. And if you must use heat use a good heat protectant, stretch your hair before straightening it or wait until your hair is damp rather than wet to blow-dry it.

Step 2: Cleanse your hair
Use a clarifying shampoo or for a more natural method use apple cider vinegar to cleanse any dirt and product build-up from your hair. You want to free your hair from any unwanted build-up so that you are ready to moisturize!

Step 3: Use a protein treatment/hair mask
Strengthen your hair from the inside-out by using a protein treatment or check out our easy DIY hair mask recipes, designed especially for curly hair! Once you've washed and conditioned your hair, you'll want to apply a leave-in conditioner, a hair cream, and an oil to really seal in the moisture. Take a look at our list of five incredible oils to use on your hair (p.s. none of them are coconut oil or castor oil!). 

Step 4: Wear a protective style
The less you manipulate your hair, the less it's likely to break. So invest in a wig, weave, braids, crochet braids or wear low manipulations hairstyles such as twists or another style that you know will last about a week if you wrap your hair at night. 

Step 5: (For severe cases) Cut the damage off
We're sorry to say it but if you've tried and repeated the above steps and your curls still aren't popping there's nothing else to do except cut off the damage and start again. But don't be too sad, after all, it will grow back! 

We hope you Queens enjoyed this week's post, we'll see you again soon for another one!  

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