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In these unprecedented times, many of you may be spending more time at home than you're used to. We hope that wherever you are, and whoever you're with, you're staying safe, healthy, and happy. 

In today's post, we're sharing some DIY hair projects to help you keep you entertained. Now could be the perfect time to experiment with your hair and try out some of those hairstyles you've always wanted to try but haven't had the time. 

Watercolor Method 

See how easy it is to get perfect bold-colored hair using the watercolor method to dye 613 hair. You can use this method on bundles or wigs. Check out this video from Jade Gabriell

Crochet Box Braids  

Now this one will take you a couple of hours but it will be significantly less time than going to the braiding shop for individual box braids. If you're at home with a family or friend who can do hair, you can rope them in and save even more time! Check out this video from The Chic Natural. Pick up some of our crochet braids to give it a go. 


Learn to Cornrow 

Never learned how to cornrow? Why not start now. This video from Shameless Maya breaks down the steps and is super easy to follow. Visit our braiding hair page


Go Honey Blonde 

O.K., now this one is pretty out there and you should only DIY it if you are prepared for the consequences of you accidentally over-processing your hair or it turning brassy; so proceed with caution! Take a look at this video from LaWanda Rose


Try a Different Style

If you're the type of queen that wears your hair in the same style over and over again, now could be the perfect time to switch it up. This video from Candice Jones shows six easy braidless hairstyles. 


Let us know which hairstyle you try in the comments! 



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