Thinking about dyeing your hair but not sure you’re ready for the commitment? Dyeing your hair is a huge decision, one that not only changes the color of your hair but also changes the general condition. Color-treated hair requires a lot more maintenance to keep it healthy and those roots in check. If you aren’t ready or just really don’t want to add harsh chemicals to your hair, why not try henna?

Henna is a natural dye that comes from a plant. People in India and West Africa used it for years to dye their hair and to draw intricate patterns on their bodies before it finally made its way west. Henna can't lighten hair but it can add a beautiful tint. If you want another reason to try it, it's also a great hair treatment, can help reduce dandruff and covers greys!

Here are a few pictures of henna-dyed hair:

Gorgeous right? Want to give it a go? Take a look at this video from It's Tabaitha for the instructions: 

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  • stacie nixon on

    This video should be helpful for covering grey hair with henna.

  • Chandra Allen on

    I didn’t see any difference I still saw the gray hairs and that is my only reason for wanting to henna. If it turns my grays orange I sure won’t be using it. And what brand of henna was this or where can we purchase these items?

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