Regular deep conditioning is an essential part of any Queen’s healthy hair regime. We all know that, right?

But, how long should you let conditioner sit in your hair? And what conditioner should you be using? Today, we’re answering those questions and more!


How long should I deep condition my hair for?

20 to 40 minutes is all you need, really! For best results, we recommend covering your hair and applying low heat so the product penetrates your hair follicles.


How often should I deep condition my hair? 

Regularly! You can’t deep condition your hair once and expect to reap all of the benefits. We recommend deep conditioning your hair once a week or every two weeks.


What should I look for in a conditioner?

Always read your conditioner's ingredients, while some products may claim to be all natural and good for your hair, they actually might not be. Avoid ingredients such as sulfates, dimethicone, polyethylene glycol, and ethanolamines. Instead look for ingredients that are natural like water and oils.


Can I make my own conditioner?  

Absolutely! Sometimes a DIY hair mask is just what your hair needs and by making your own you can be 100% sure that the ingredients you’ve used are all natural. We’ve got some fabulous all-natural recipes for smoothing frizz, strengthening damaged hair and hydrating dry hair. Check out our easy DIY hair masks for curly hair next.

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