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We get it, you want your weave to look as flawless and natural as possible. Perhaps you’ve just always worn leave-out and aren’t comfortable with the thought of having all of your hair covered. You’re scared that it will look unnatural. Well, Queens we’re here to tell you that you might be missing out and here’s why…

1. A great protective hairstyle

Of course, the biggest benefit of wearing a closure or a frontal is that you won’t have to upkeep your leave-out. That’s means no straightening and blending. (YAY!) Ditching the heat will be great for your hair and will help to prevent breakage and encourage growth!

2. A wide choice of versatility options

Your alternatives to leave-out include a closure, a frontal and a 360 frontal. By the way, here’s everything you need to know about 360 frontals. Anyway, each offer their own level of versatility, the most being the 360 frontal which is great for up-dos. You could even braid your frontal.


This is hair guru Tokyo Stylez slaying his frontal!

This is hair guru, Tokyo Stylez, slaying his frontal! 

3. Your hair will still look flawless

Closures and frontals come in the options of silk-based and lace-based. While each have their pros and cons, both options can be made to look super natural depending on how you customize them. Just keep in mind that making your closure or frontal look natural can be a little bit of work, you may need to use adhesive to lay it down and have regular trips to the salon as your hair grows.

4. You’re thinking about going natural

If you’re thinking about going natural but want to use sew-ins throughout your transition then wearing a closure or frontal would be perfect for you. As we’ve mentioned already you won’t need to straighten your leave-out so you can just focus on healthy hair growth.

If this post has persuaded you to ditch leave-out then take a look at our range of closures, frontals and 360 frontals now!


Today's blog image is the work of the stylist Tia, you can view her amazing work on Instagram here

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