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Happy New Year from all of us here at Beauty Empire Store! Let’s make 2019 our best hair year yet! Forget the broken hairs and split ends of yesteryear, it’s a new year so that means we get a new start at doing things the right way. Here are our hair resolutions for 2019, leave yours in the comments section.

1. We promise to wear protective hairstyles

With so many beautiful options to choose from this year, we’re promising to wear lots of protective hairstyles. Harsh weather and daily styling can cause breakage to curly and kinky hair. This year we’ll be rocking lots of braids, wigs and more to prevent damage. The first protective hairstyle we’ll be rocking this year is a genie ponytail. Watch the video below for the walkthrough and check out our ponytails here so you can get a similar look!  

2. We promise to sleep with satin. 

There were too many nights last year when our bed was screaming our name and we might have forgotten to grab a head tie. While a cotton pillow may feel soft to the touch it can actually leave your hair dry, damaged and knotted! Avoid damage and treat yourself to either a silk scarf or pillow.

3. We promise to have regular trims. 

We might have left a few protective hairstyles in for too long last year and we might have forgotten to get regular trims. But this year we’ll be different, we promise!

4. We promise to stay away from heat.

Though we say this one every year, this year we really mean it! Heat damage can cause irreversible damage to curly and kinky hair. This year, when we apply heat to our hair, even if it’s just the hairdryer we’ll ensure we use a good heat protector.

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