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Faux locs are a gorgeous, protective hairstyle that you just can't go wrong with. They are easy to maintain, lightweight (when installed properly) and look bomb. Today, we're going to be sharing some of our favorite ways to accessorize them!

With Shells

You probably weren't expecting us to start with shells but here we are! Shells are perfect for a beachy, summery look!

With Hemp Cord


You can pick up hemp cord in a range of colors at your local fabric store. Simply wrap them around your locs for a pop of playful color. For crochet locs that already come pre-decorated with hemp cord, take a look at Bobbi Boss's Bae Locs.

With Random Hair Jewelry

Noone says that you have to stick with just one accessory, mix and match them and even add some of your own ideas to give your locs a unique look.

With Hair Coils

Hair coils come in a range of metallic shades including copper, silver and gold. They come in a variety of patterns and look bomb wrapped around faux locs.

The Classic: With Hair Cuffs

Just about everyone has worn hair cuffs at some point. They are classic and give just the right amount of pop to your hair.


  • The cool thing about it is that accessories used to adorn real locs, braids & twists can be used for faux locs all the same. So there’s endless ways to express your signature style. Consider checking out our selection of hair bling as well:
    K. Hill
  • I love the jewels!

    Shanice Taylor

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