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How to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions

How to Blend Clip-in Hair Extensions

Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, clip-in hair extensions can provide the volume and length that you've been looking for (plus they can be a great protective style).

Here are our top tips to ensure your clip-ins look flawless in your hair... 


1. Choose the Right Match 

Of course, our top tip for blending clip-in hair extensions is to choose the right match for your hair. You'll want something that resembles your hair texture and color. Zury have a gorgeous range of kinky clip-ins for our natural Queens, they come in the textures 3C, 4A and 4B. And for our ladies with straight hair we recommend Onyx Remi and Vivica A. Fox clip-ins, both straight sets come in a range of colors, from honey blonde to jet black. 


2. Choose your Application Method 

Some people like to cornrow their natural hair, clip the hair extensions onto their braids and use leave out to cover the very top track. If you are going to do it this way, ensure you have enough leave out to cover the top track. Whereas other people prefer to clip the extensions into the roots of their natural hair, but if your hair is quite thin then our next tip is just for you... Quick tip for people with thin hair: Place the top track a little further down on your head than you usually would so you have enough hair at the top to cover the clips.  


3. Trim the Clip-ins when they are in your Hair 

Another tip that we recommend? Style and trim the clip-ins once they are on your head. If you have layers and your clip-ins don't, it will make it so much more obvious that they are extensions. Either DIY a trim or take them to your hairdresser to have them styled to match your hair. 


Those are top tips for blending clip-in hair extensions with your hair. Take a look at the range of clip-in hair extensions that we stock for our natural and relaxed Queens. 

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