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Braids are an easy go-to style for the spring season. They make a cute protective hairstyle and can last for up to a week if you sleep with a head tie/bonnet. A french braid is essentially a cornrow (or cornroll or canerow depending on where you're from) done the other way around, and today we're going to show you exactly how to do it. Watch the video below or scroll down for the text instructions. 



How To French Braid (With Marley Hair) Step-By-Step 

Step 1: Brush your hair out to remove any tangles and add your favorite leave in conditioner. If your hair is natural stretch it with a blow dryer or whatever method you prefer before you begin braiding. 

Step 2: Section your hair into two (or more if you want). It's up to you whether you want to do a middle part or a side part. Add a clip or hairband on one side so that you can focus on your french braid without stray hairs falling into your hands.  

Step 3: Separate out three strands of hair at the crown of your head, these are going to be the strands that you'll use to begin your braid. 

Step 4: Cross the strand closest to your forehead over the middle strand and secure it with your other hand. 

Step 5: Cross the strand on the other side over the middle piece and secure it with your other hand.  

Step 6: Repeats steps 4 and 5 picking up more hair as you go along to secure the french braid. 

Step 7: As you get a few inches to the bottom of your head you can add Marley hair if you want. We find it easier to add Marley hair in at the bottom rather than feeding it in so that your braid isn't as bulky and so it's easier to intertwine with your hair.

Step 8: Once you get to the end simply braid your hair. If your hair is quite fine you may want to secure it with an elastic band. And that's it, the look is complete! 


Want to try Dutch Braids instead? Then check out this tutorial... 

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