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Want gorgeous hair without heat damage? Then today's post is for you. If you want bouncy, long-lasting curls without having to whip out your curling iron then look no further than this post. We're sharing some ways that you can achieve defined curls without having to use heat at all. Let's get into it...


Pin Curls

Pin curls are one of the oldest methods of curling hair. Popular during the thirties, they can help you to obtain those classic movie star curls that old Hollywood used to rock. They are achieved by sectioning your hair into small sections, adding a twisting gel of your choice such as this one from Mane Choice to help moisturize your hair and set it better. Then turning your hair around on itself and securing it with a bobby pin or duckbill clip. Leave them to set overnight and you'll have very pretty curls. Take a look at this video from Happy Curl Happy Girl to see how it's done.


Flexi Rods

For defined corkscrew curls, Flexi rods are for you. They are available in different sizes depending on the size of the curls you want to achieve. They work best when your hair is stretched as your hair will take to the curls easier. Simply apply curling mousse, then twist and secure your hair around the Flexi rods, put your bonnet on and then go to sleep. The next day you'll have perfect curls. The Chic Natural shows you how it's done in this video below.


Braid Out or Twist Out

Braid outs and twist outs go head to head in this video from Lia Lavon. Both types of curls are achieved by applying some curling cream and then either braiding or twisting your hair. Take a look at the video to see which will help you to achieve the type of curls that you're after.


Bantu Knot Out

Bantu knots are going to help you achieve voluminous, bouncy curls. Originating from the Bantu People of central and South Africa, Bantu knots are a timeless style still worn today. They can be worn as a style themselves or as a "Bantu knot out" which uses them to create gorgeous spiral curls. Take a look at this video from It's Cozyy to see how to get curls with them. 


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