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Today, we're sharing our top tips for growing and thickening your hair edges. First of all, we want to start off by saying that if you have naturally thin edges then there's no magic pill that's going to help grow what isn't there. Instead, you might want to try using a hair fiber spray to give the illusion of fuller edges. Check out this video from Rayann410 to see how it works. Neat, right?

Thinner edges can be caused by more than just tight styles and genetics. It can also be caused by pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, anaemia, scalp issues like seborrheic dermatitis and alopecia. If you're concerned about your thinner edges or scalp issues and the tips below don't help then it's best to visit a doctor as they may recommend supplements or other treatments that can treat the issue causing your thinning edges.

Now, let's get into our top tips:

Tip 1: Wear protective hairstyles and avoid tension-causing styles

Avoid glue, tight wigs and braids, and anything that rubs too hard on your hairline. If you're constantly adding more tension then it won't give your edges a chance to recover from the tension-caused damage that's been inflicted already. Although it might seem tempting to style your edges to try and cover up the thinning it's best to leave them be. Instead, opt for low-tension protective hairstyles like a headwrap. We have a great blog post sharing different ways to wear a head wrap on our blog.

Tip 2: Eat a healthy diet

Eating your way to healthy hair is a very real thing. Healthy hair starts from the inside out which is why so many doctors recommend taking a daily multivitamin. If you have a bad diet then it's not going to do your body any good. Poor diet can lead to hormone imbalances, low energy levels and bad hair. Check out this blog post sharing details on the micronututrients your hair needs to stay healthy and the foods you can find them in! 

Tip 3: Gently stimulate the area with oils and treatments

Massaging thinning edges can help to stimulate blood flow and it also feels amazing (especially when somebody else does the massage). Oils that are known to stimulate hair follicles and growth include black castor oil, carrot oil (it contains vitamins A and E), and although not an oil, raw shea butter can also be good (warm it up before using). Take a look at these other fantastic oils that will be great on your scalp.

Tip 4: Sleep with a satin bonnet and pillowcase

Satin is super gentle on your hair and scalp unlike cotton. Cotton might feel gentle to the touch but it actually pulls on hair fibers and can increase the chances of getting fairy knots. Not great!

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