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Type 4 hair in all its wondrous, kinky glory is the most brittle hair type of them all. Every twist and turn in each hair strand provides the opportunity for breakage. But when looked after correctly and with patience type 4 hair can grow long and strong! In today's post, we're sharing our top tips for growing long type 4 hair. Enjoy! 


Wear protective styles 

The less you manipulate your hair, the less chance for breakage. That's why protective styles work so well. Braids and cornrows are great as protective styles because they can help to seal in moisture, they last a long while and you can slip a wig or install crochet braids over cornrows so you still have versatility! 


Wash your hair as often as your hair needs it 

What do we mean by that? Well, determining whether you'll wash your hair weekly, bi-weekly or something else all comes down to your lifestyle. Overwashing your hair can strip your hair of its natural oils but not washing your hair enough can cause product build up which can lead to an itchy scalp! Check out this blog post for more information


Be gentle 

While some may describe type 4 hair as course making it seem as though it's hard to damage, as we've said earlier it is actually very brittle. So, style and wash your hair gently: think about treating it like you would a cashmere sweater! Gently! 


Establish a hair routine - and stick to it 

Establishing a routine will take some experimentation! What works for the girl at your job or a YouTuber might not be what works for your hair, and that's OK! Test out using different products, establish how often you'll wash and moisturize your hair, avoid manipulation and your hair will grow and grow!  


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