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Sometimes you want to avoid a trip to the salon. Sometimes you'd rather save your coins. Sometimes your girlfriend who usually does your hair is just busy. Whatever the case, if you have the time, and the patience, you can install your own weave or quick weave. Today we're going to show you how! Watch the videos or scroll down for the text instructions! 


If You Have Time And Know How To Cornrow... 


How To Install Your Own Weave Step-By-Step

Step 1: Detangle your hair and add your favorite leave-in conditioner. Section some of your hair either in the middle or the side, this will be your leave-out and will cover the final tracks when you're done. Tip: You can also leave your edges out so that the front of your weave looks very natural.

Step 2: Braid two small anchor braids around your leave-out. This will help to make your sew-in look less bulky.

Step 3: Braid the rest of your hair. If you can, braid it in a circular beehive shape. If not, just braid small cornrows.

Step 4: If you have medium to long hair use your c-needle to sew your hanging braids next to the gaps between your cornrows so they lie as flat as possible.

Step 5: Apply your favorite oil to your scalp to help prevent dryness.

Step 6: Sew a weaving net over your hair. If you have quite large gaps between your braids this is a great thing to do because it will give you more room to sew the tracks.

Step 7: Begin sewing the wefts onto your hair/net. You may want to use a clip to hold the end of each weft in place so you can focus on sewing. At the nape of your hair the wefts will be fairly straight but as you get closer to the top of your head you'll want to curve them so that they can be attached to your anchor braids neatly.

Step 8: Once the wefts are installed, straighten your leave-out and apply edge control. At this point, you could also style the hair however you want. You could add layers, cut it short, it's up to you!

Once installed your weave will last you 6-8 weeks! 


When You Want Something Quick And Easy... 


No instructions needed! A quick weave is super easy to do. Watch the video and see for yourself. 


If you're looking for bundles to try either of these methods on yourself, we have remy, human, human blend and synthetic hair available. 

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  • The video gave great pointer on successfully slaying a lace front. It was a big help💚

    Katrina Bolton

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