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This week we're sharing our favorite tips on how to apply a wig so that it looks flawless. And for those of you who want to have a go at making your own wig we have a video that you need to see

Flawless Lace Frontal Wig

Flawless Step 1 

Get a lace front wig (or a half wig) as they are much easier to make look natural than a full cap wig. The steps below are for customizing a lace front wig, we'll do a more in depth post about half wigs soon. 


Flawless Step 2 

Try your wig on, take a look at the hairline and the part, and get a feel for how the unit fits. 


Flawless Step 3 

Take the unit off and begin plucking the hairline and the part until you get your desired look. We recommend doing this on a styrofoam head or a wig block and keeping the lace on at this point. 


Flawless Step 4 

Think back to how the unit fit you. Was it too tight or too loose? Wigs usually come with combs in the front and adjustable straps. Wearing the combs everyday can be damaging to your edges and the adjustable straps might not offer as much security as you want, so you may wish to sew an elastic band into your wig. 


Flawless Step 5 

It's time to cut the lace off. Some people like to simply cut it, however for a more flawless finish you may wish to put it on your head and cut the lace to your unique hairline. Once you have your unit on add a little pressed powder to the part to make it look more natural. 


Flawless Step 6 (Optional)

After steps one through five your wig will be secured and looking flawless! However, especially if you are wearing a soft-lace wig you might want to secure it so it doesn't lift at all. We highly recommend got2be glued styling gel. Apply a little of it around your forehead and then either wait ten minutes or blow cool air from your dryer on it. Once the gel is tacky apply your wig and put a silk scarf on for ten minutes. We promosie your wig won't be going anywhere!  


Picture Credit: The image used in our blog image is taken from Phillip Eric's video on how to make a lace frontal wig with no hair out and no glue. It's fantastic! If you want to have a go at recreating some of his techniques then take a look at our bundles and frontals. Alternatively take a look at our lace front wigs and put our steps to the test! 


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  • Lovely tutorial and nice wig

  • I got a client that has a wig and she want me too sew the wig too her hair I know I will need a wig cap but can this be don’t she don’t want it like a lace frontal it’s a full wig help I need too know ASAP please

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