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Copper. Burgandy. Crimson. There are so many beautiful shades of red hair and they look absolutely gorgeous on natural textures. In fact, there's nothing better than when hair is freshly colored and your hair looks bright and fiery. Over time, red hair can fade so today we're sharing our top tips to keep your red hair vibrant.

Use products suited for color-treated hair

Products that are specifically formulated for color-treated hair are always going to be the best because they are made to enhance your color in your everyday hair routine. We also recommend using a red hair gloss which can boost your shade if you do notice a little fading.

Use a product that adds a UV protection to your strands

The sun is notorious for its bleaching effects. Using a product that protects against the ultraviolet rays from the sun will help to curb that bleaching effect and also help protect against damaging UV rays.

Wash your hair in cool water

Warm water opens up the strands of your hair so naturally the color will fade more quickly, whereas cool or cold water (if you can stand it) keeps hair cuticles--and your scalp's pores--closed. Washing your hair in cold water can also help to reduce frizz.

Avoid swimming in chlorine and salt-water

Chlorine and the salt in ocean water strips moisture from hair, can cause damage and also causes colored hair to loose its vibrancy. If you are an avid swimmer then we recommend wearing a swimming cap to keep your hair protected and your color gorgeous.

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