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Crochet hair is so flexible. From braided and twisted styles to beatiful curls and coils, there are so many different hairstyles that you can achieve with it. A huge benefit of crochet hair is that with good care it can last for four to eight weeks! Crochet hair is also a HUGE time-saver. How long does it take to get your own hair braided? Hours and hours, right? But crocheting can be completed in as few as two hours if you're installing them into cornrows. And if you create a wig with crochet hair? Well, your crochet hair can last even longer because you can take it off when you want and it's much easier to crochet a wig on a wig head then to DIY your own hair!

So if you want a crochet style with the flexibility of wearing a wig then read on because today, we're going to be talking you through how to make a crochet wig in just a few easy steps!


You will need:


How to slay this style:

Step one: Place your weaving net over the wig head and find a comfortable position. Maybe watch an episode of your favorite current show.

Step two: Place your crochet hook underneath about two of three of the net strands. Now, put two to three stands of your crochet hair inside and close the loop.

Step three: Pull the hair you have in the hook back under the net holes. You'll be left with a loop in one hand and strands in the other. Pull the strands through the loop, then twist the loop and do it again.

Step four: Now pull the hair tight and repeat all over until you have your desired fullness.

Step five: If you've made the hair full enough you could wear it as is and simply style it as you prefer. Or you could wear it a little further back on your hairline and crochet some hair into your own natural hair so it looks even more seamless. The choice is yours! Jade Gabriell just wearing the wig without crocheting in her own hair.



Prefer to watch a fully visual tutorial? Watch below!


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