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There's nothing worse than having a weave installed and getting so fed up with it that you want to take it out after only a week or two. So in today's post, we're going to share 4 tips to help you make your weave last longer.

1. Wear a net over your cornrows
A net is a protective mesh that's sewn on to your cornrows. It's designed to reduce the amount of stress that the weave puts on your hair. It also helps your braids to stay in place which extends its longevity.

2. Invest in anti-itch products
If you suffer from a sensitive, itchy scalp then there's no need to pat your way through wearing your weave. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, natural and helps with itchy scalp! Mix 4 to 5 drops in a cup of water in a spray bottle and spray it when needed.

3. Don't forget about your hair
Sometimes itchiness can just be caused by product buildup so don't forget to wash your real hair. Make it easier by mixing your favorite shampoo and water into a bottle with a nozzle attachment, apply and massage the mixture into your scalp and then rinse. Ensure you dry your hair completely otherwise mildew can start to grow (ew!).

4. Look after your weave hair as if it was growing from your scalp
If you've installed synthetic hair regular brushing and sleeping with a bonnet will be enough to keep it looking good. If you've installed human hair then moisturize the hair daily, lock in the moisture with a good hair oil, brush it regularly and sleep with a bonnet.

If you want to try but a weave but don't want to spend your coins on the salon then why not try installing it yourself? Take a look at our post on how to flawlessly apply your own sew-in.

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