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Bantu knots have been worn by black women for centuries. Originating from the Bantu People of central and South Africa, Bantu knots are a timeless style still worn today. They can be worn as a style themselves or as a "bantu knot out" which uses them to create gorgeous spiral curls in relaxed or natural hair. 


 Bantu knots worn by a Madagascan woman circa 1898 and Rihanna wearing them in ID Magazine. 


In today's post we're sharing our top tips for perfect Bantu knots and some of our favorite videos tutorials so you can try them at home. 


Our Tips: 

Tip 1: Use a big-toothed comb to detangle your hair prior to starting the styling.

Tip 2: Use a rattail comb to separate your sections. If you have short hair keep your sections small (about 1.5 inches) and if you have long hair opt for larger sections (about 3 inches).

Tip 3: Apply a medium hold curl cream before you start twisting your sections.

Tip 4: To seal in moisture, then apply your favorite hair oil. Coconut oil and castor oil are our favorites.

Tip 5: Twist your hair until it begins to twist onto itself. This one sounds weird but when you begin twisting you'll know what we mean.


Recreate these videos... 


Super Cute Bantu Knot Crown 


Watch Jade Gabriell use her $23 Outre Annie half wig to create a super cute Bantu knot crown


No Heat Bantu Knot on Natural Hair 

Want gorgeous heatless curls? Then try a Bantu in your natural or relaxed hair. JeanetteJBeauty's tutorial is super easy to follow and you'll be very pleased with the results.  


10 Ways to Rock Bantu Knots 

Lovely Bryana gives us the ultimate Bantu knot tutorial by showcasing 10 different ways that you can rock them. 


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