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Permanent color puts your hair through a lot. First, the chemicals in the dye lift up the cuticle of the hair so  the dye can go through, then if you're lightening your hair bleach strips away the color, and then lastly color is deposited. Your hair shafts are opened, closed, stripped, and can be left rather dry if you don't care for your hair properly. But it is possible to have healthy, moisturized colored hair!

Here are our tops tips for reviving dry, lifeless colored hair:

1. Establish a daily hair care routine

This one is so important, especially if you've never really had much of a daily routine with your hair before. Establishing a routine will take some experimentation! Test out using different products, establish how often you'll wash and moisturize your hair, avoid manipulation and your hair will flourish!

2. Wear protective styles

Protective hairstyles seal in moisture and help protect your hair against the damaging exposure to the elements. There are so many beautiful protective hairstyles to choose from! You can  rock braids, wigs and more to prevent damage. Check out these gorgeous braided styles for inspiration

3. Deep condition regularly

''Regularly'' for you may mean once a week or once every two weeks depending on your hair type and your weekly routine. We recommend using a protein treatment once a month to help restore elasticity, repair dry hair and minimize breakage. Don't use a protein treatment more often than that though, as in excess they can be drying! Check out this blog post for deep conditioning tips.

4. Use products suited to color-treated hair

These products are specially formulated to handle the needs of your color-treated hair, so use them. We have a selection of products for color-treated hair. Natural oils can also be fantastic for sealing in moisture and stimulating scalp growth, check out some of our favorite hair oils here.

5. Wrap your hair at night

While a cotton pillow may feel soft to the touch it can actually leave your hair dry, damaged and knotted! Avoid anymore damage and treat yourself to either a silk scarf or pillow.

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