Posted on 11 July 2017

Slay edges with toothbrush


Black and Hispanic women have been proudly rocking their baby hairs for generations. Even Beyoncé admits that she likes her ‘Baby heir with baby hair and afros’. So if you too are a baby hair fan then this week’s post is for you! In this week’s tutorial we’re going to give you our steps to slay and lay those edges to the GAWDS! 

1. Style your hair
Most people find it easier to style their baby hairs once they’ve decided how to wear their hair. So whether you’re rocking a high bun, half up half down, or something entirely different go ahead and style your hair.

2. Choose your gel or pomade
Everyone’s personal preference is different when it comes to choosing what product to use. For long-lasting hold we recommend using gel. Take a look at our selection of gels. Some even contain moisturizing and protective ingredients such as coconut oil.

3. Find the right tool for the job 
As baby hairs are so fine and wispy you’ll want to use a brush that will give you more control. We recommend using a toothbrush, a slim edge brush or an eyebrow brush.

4. Use just enough gel
You don’t want to apply too much gel as it will be too gooey to work with and will take ages to dry. Instead use just enough to cover your edges. Then slick your hair with your brush and smooth with your fingers. It’s a technique that may take some practice so don’t worry if you can’t quite get the swirls you want at first.

5. A little secret...
Add a little oil to your edges once they are styled to help stop flaking and keep your hair protected.

6. Don’t forget the most important step
Wrap your edges with a silk scarf until the gel dries. This is very important because it will keep your edges stretched as they dry meaning they’ll be super sleek!

And that’s it! Those are our steps to slayed edges!


Want to see the slay in action? Here are our favorite tutorials from YouTube... 




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