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The pain and tenderness of tight braids is not fun, to say the least! Not only can they cause headaches, swelling, itchy and bumps, they can also cause traction alopecia, also known as tension hair loss--something no one wants to deal with. If this happens to be you right now, try these steps before you completely take out your hairstyle.


Painkillers and apple cider vinegar/tea tree oil

Braids will loosen up after a couple of days and if you're determined to wait it out painkillers will at least provide you with some relief from the pain. But keep in mind, painkillers will not ease the tightness or make them loosen up any quicker. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil, or something like Cantu's Root Relief which has  both of these magic-working ingredients combined in a soothing formula will also help relieve itchiness caused by tightness.


Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp will help to relax you and will start to loosen the roots of your braids. Take it slowly and carefully though as you don't want to aggravate the scalp anymore. For added relief, use hair oil as you massage. You can also use a thin instrument, like the end of a more-rounded plastic rat-tooth comb to attempt to loosen up the roots of your braids.


Apply leave-in-conditioner and/or a warm compress

Applying leave-in-conditioner to the roots of your hair will lubricate the braids, making them slicker and in turn loosen, whilst proving your scalp with well-needed moisture. A warm compress or a warm shower will loosen your hair shafts and increase the elasticity of your braids, making them looser. Just be careful as you if you make your braids too wet, you may ruin your hairstyle.


Don't wear your hair up

Wearing your hair down will help to loosen the braids, but if it feels like too much tension, tie your hair into a loose, low ponytail and rest it on one of your shoulders.


We hope these tips work for you! In future, communicate with your stylist as they are doing your hair and if it feels like it's pulling, tell them--after all you're the customer.

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