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So you took a leap and did the big chop (congrats!)...but now you're looking in the mirror wondering to do with your hair! Well, we're here to tell you that a TWA (that's teeny weeny afro) does not need to be boring! Today, we're sharing some of our favorite TWA hairstyles #Hairspiration! And if you're new to looking after a TWA be sure to check out our blog post on how to care for a TWA


Your hairspiration starts here...


1. A Hip Temple Fade 

This hairstyle just oozes cool vibes. Recreate this look by asking your barber for a temple fade and use curling cream to define your curls on top. 

Source: @PersonalBravery


2. Sassy Finger Coils  

Fingers coils add texture to short hair. Check out this easy finger coil tutorial for TWAs on YouTube. 

Source: @vicunit


3. Play with Color  

You've taken one leap and cut your hair short, why not take another and play with color? You don't have to go for something as bold as the beautiful model below, you could opt for brown or some highlights to add definition to your curls and coils! 


4. Popping Curls 

Use curling cream to hydrate and nourish your curls so that they pop! 

Source: @queenteshna


5. Try a Scarf  

Scarves are so underrated! They aren't just to protect your hair at night, they also make a fabulous hair accessory. Check out this YouTube video which shows you 15 ways to wear a headscarf! 


6. Sleek Shaved Cut 

If you're feeling really brave, why not do a super close cut and ask your barber to add a design. It could be something as simple and sleek as this wave.  

Source: @rastaboycutz


7. Short Sides and Long on Top 

A classic style, short sides and long on top just works so why not give it a go?


Let us know which style was your favorite in the comments! 


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