"Now I got 'em rocking inches now," were Nicki Minaj's famous words in one of her latest hits and, boy, was she right because everyone is rocking 40-inch hair now! 


If you haven't worn hair longer than 30 inches yet we encourage you to try it. It's extra AF but you will feel like a goddess rocking those inches! If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on bundles then don't worry because we got you! New Born Free MLUH100 is 40 inches long, comes in a range of colors (include a stunning 613 just like Nicki is wearing), and costs under $60! (Bargain!) 


Watch a YouTube review of this unit here... 


If you still aren't sold on super long hair, here are 3 reasons to give in: 

1. It looks bomb AF!  

2. You can try it without spending $$$ if you try the New Born Free 40-inch unit

3. Life is too short for boring hair! 


Let us know if you'd rock inches by leaving a comment down below!   

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