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We all have a unique hair texture, straight, curls, coils, and sometimes a mixture of all three! Each texture comes with its own good points and points that just get on your nerves (like when you break your last comb when trying to detangle…annoying!). And though at times the grass can seem like it’s greener on the other side, it really isn’t! Curly, coily and kinky hair is absolutely gorgeous and what better time is there to be thankful for it than right now. So, in this week’s post, we’re sharing our six reasons to be thankful for your curls and kinks.

1. The versatility
Box braids, a TWA, dreadlocks, cornrows, micro braids, protective styles, Havana twists, crochet styles, should we go on? There are so many amazing, beautiful hairstyles that look absolutely fabulous on kinky hair!

2. Best of both worlds
In the mood for straight hair? Cool, go to a professional for a silk-press. Want to rock your curls again? No problem, just wash your hair. It’s that easy! And if you aren’t in the mood to go to the hairdressers, or want a different look without damaging your natural hair you can just throw a wig on!

3. You can go longer between washes
Unlike straight hair, curly and kinky hair is naturally dryer so it doesn’t get greasy and require you to wash it daily. You can wash your hair once a week, or even bi-monthly! Isn’t that amazing? (Especially as wash day can be tedious…)

4. Your hair looks fabulous at any length
Whether you have a TWA or waist-length locks your hair slays at any length! 

5. Low Maintenance (at times!)
Yes, wash day can be a pain and take hours, however, if your hair is in a protective hairstyle such as braids it’s also actually very low-maintenance. Most mornings you can catch a few extra Z’s because your hair is already done! Who doesn’t love extra sleep?!

6. It’s beautiful
Seriously, no matter what texture your hair is take a moment to look at it. Whether it’s an S-curl, a Z-curl or something else, your hair is gorgeous, and you should own it!

Stay fabulous, Queens!

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