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Are your synthetic wigs tangling in the nape? Are you throwing them out after just a few wears? Well today we’re revealing our secrets to have your synthetic wigs lasting months!

1. Don’t treat it like its human hair
While human hair requires oils and moisturizers to keep it soft, synthetic hair doesn’t. Synthetic fibers require something else to keep them looking good and you’ll find it in your laundry room. Fabric softener helps to keep the synthetic fibers of your unit soft and well formed. Mix some fabric softener with water in a spray bottle and apply it on your unit as needed.

2. Cut the combs out
One of the biggest reasons for tangling in the nape is that the hair gets stuck in the comb in the back of the unit. Cut that comb out and instead use the adjustable straps and a wig grip for security. While this won’t get rid of the tangling altogether it will help to reduce it.

3. Brush straight wigs and leave curly ones alone
Just as with your own hair, after a day of wearing the hair out it’s going to have a few tangles. If you're wearing straight hair brush it out at the end of the day and leave it on a wig head or inside the original packaging. If your wig is curly then try to leave it alone because the more you detangle it or brush it, the bigger it’s going to get and the less it’s going to last.

4. Take your wig off at night
Even if you sleep with a silk pillow the constant rubbing of your head will cause your wig to tangle up much quicker so it's best to take it off.

5. Wear a wig cap
Wearing a wig cap will protect your wig from the products in your hair and also sweat meaning that you’ll be able to go that little bit longer before washing your unit.

6. No heat
Avoid using heat repeatedly on your synthetic wigs even if they do say they are heat safe. While straightening a wig with loose waves once isn’t the end of the world if you keep straightening and then re-curling it the fibers will eventually breakdown and start to look dry and frazzled.

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  • I order some braid hair and it was not the color i order my natural hair color is a 33 and thats what i ordered but when my hair came it was a black color

  • I found informative. I have a big problem with my wigs tangling at the nape especially on one side.

    Veronica Reed
  • That good information, Thank you.


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