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Secrets Revealed: Slay your Hair on a Budget

Secrets Revealed: Slay your Hair on a Budget

Want to know how to slay your hair on a budget? Then read on to learn our certified Beauty Empire secrets…

1. Wear Dupes – It can be so temping to spend hundreds of dollars on virgin hair but did you know that you can save $$$ by buying synthetic units instead? That’s money that you could put towards makeup, clothes, or your savings! Take a look at BS503 from Mane Concept, it’s a perfect dupe for 30 inch Malaysian Curly hair with a frontal, at a fraction of the price! Buy BS503 Tahiti for $56.99

BS503 Tahiti
2. Make your units last months - There are plenty of tips and tricks to make your wigs last for months such as keeping them in their original packaging and reviving wigs and weave with the boiling method. Haven’t heard of the boiling method? Take a look on YouTube to find out more.

boiling method

3. Find your unique style – Experiment and have fun with you hair. Want to rock your fro? Do it! Want to define those curls with a braid-out? Do it! Want to rock a purple install? Do it!!! Confidence is a huge part of slaying so wear your hair how you feel comfortable and not how anyone tells you to.

Unique Style

4. Make your own wigs – Plenty of hair companies sell affordable bundle hair, frontals and closures. Pick some up at Beauty Empire Store and have a go at making your own wig.


5. Save where you can – You might want to give DIY crochet braids a go but cornrowing your own hair can be time-consuming and tedious. Why not wash and blow dry your own hair, pay to have your foundation braids cornrowed and then come home and install the braids yourself?


Cornrow Foundation Braids

6. Watch YouTube reviews – Reviews on YouTube have exploded in the last review years. Take advantage of it and get other people’s opinions of the hair, wigs or braids that you want. Check out Beauty Empire Store Reviews on YouTube now.  

Remember Queens to slay you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Slaying is more than having the latest purse or the finest 24 inch virgin Peruvian straight. It’s a mentality. Love yourself and accept yourself flaws and all and you’ll be well on your way to slaying.

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