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We need to take care of ourselves. Leading a high-stress life is no good for your health or your mindset. You always hear "eat right and exercise" but self-care is more than that. Self-care is any action that you do to take care of your mind, body or soul. It can be anything from meditation or getting a good night's sleep to having a nice long bubble bath without any interruptions from your little ones. Today, we're sharing self-care tips centered around your hair.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage not only feels amazing it can also increase circulation and stimulate growth. Some hairdressers and massage therapists allow you to add a scalp massage onto other services or you could do it yourself (or ask a loved one to do it) and use fingers or a scalp massager.

Hair Play

Don't you just love when someone plays in your hair? Slowly teasing the strands till they tickle your scalp and cause chills. It's great! Hair play isn't quite as good when you do it yourself. Try asking a loved one to do this for you.

Hair Mask

Taking the time to do a hair mask can be exceedingly calming and they can be great for rejuvenating your hair. If you have frizzy, dry or damaged hair then take a look at these easy DIY hair masks that you can make with ingredients from your kitchen!

Use Essential Oils

When you think of essential oils your first thought might be of putting them in a diffuser and inhaling their calming scents but they can also be great for your hair as well. Different hair oils have different uses and are used to stimulate growth, lock in moisture, remedy dandruff and more. Take a look at this post on hair oils for the uses of some of our favorite oils.


Steaming opens up your hair follicles allowing conditioner and oils to penetrate deep inside the hair and also adds hydration and elasticity. Many hairdressers offer steaming services or you can buy a steamer to do it at home. If you don't have a steamer or the budget for one you can even add  conditioner to your hair and then pop a plastic bag or shower cap on for an hour.

We hope you enjoy these hair self-care tips and get the bliss you deserve!

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