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Your curly roots are starting to show, you've had enough of your relaxed hair and you think you're ready to do the big chop. Well, Queens, we got you! Answer these questions to ensure you take the plunge with confidence... 


1. How will you style your hair once you chop off the relaxed ends?  

TWA's (that's Teeny Weeny Afros) look so good but they definitely take confidence to pull off. Are you comfortable wearing your hair so short?

They are a great hairstyle to just get up and go in the morning. Could you use the extra time for sleep?

Here are some gorgeous TWA's to get you inspired... 




If you aren't comfortable wearing your hair so short, or just miss having longer hair you could always rock a wig, weave or braids, all of which are great protective hairstyles as long as you look after your hair underneath. 


2. Will you cut your hair yourself or go to a hairdresser? 

There's something so exhilarating about picking up a pair of scissors and cutting your hair off. Your decision to go natural becomes so real! But the thing about cutting your own hair is that it might be uneven and you might end up having to go to a hairdresser anyway to fix it. It's your decision, but we recommend going to a hairdresser. 


3. Have you taken time to think about your decision? Are you doing it for the right reasons?  

Don't let people persuade you to cut your hair off. Slowly transitioning your hair might be the right option for you. But if you do want to cut it off then just take a moment to think about the decision you'll be making because once it's gone, it's gone, and it will take months, maybe even years to get to a length you love. 


4. What will your new hair care routine be like? 

Relaxed and natural hair care routines are very different. Your natural, unprocessed hair may require different oils and moisturizers. Take the time to see what others are using and what works and doesn't work for their hair and then test it on yours. 


5. Will you accept your hair type? 

At this stage you might not even know what your hair type is (that's the curl pattern and porosity level) and that's OK.

Natural hair ads seem to love promoting women with huge, bouncy loose curls but not everyone's hair is like that. Some Queens are blessed with gorgeous tight coils. Both are hair types are beautiful and no matter what yours is, we know you'll rock it! 


Whether you big chop or slowly transition as long you believe in your decision then it will be the right one. So good luck, we know you'll enjoy your natural hair journey! 

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