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While golden tresses looks absolutely beautiful; dry, breaking hair does not. Bleaching your hair at home can go very wrong, we’re talking bald spots wrong, which is why we recommend that you go to a professional who will assess your hair health and help you achieve your desired shade safely.
Here are a few things to consider before you bleach your hair:  
1. Your Hair Health 

Bleaching your hair is a damaging process, hydrogen peroxide opens your cuticles causing the hair shaft to swell and then dissolves the melanin making your hair lighter. It increases the elasticity and porosity of your hair. If your hair is already dry and damaged, then bleaching it could cause breakage. Before bleaching your hair you’ll want to make sure it's as healthy as it can be.

2. The Maintenance and your Lifestyle  

Your bleached hair is going to need even more maintenance to keep it hydrated and healthy. Before you go ahead with the process ask yourself if you have the time to keep up with it? Also, consider your lifestyle, for example, if you go swimming five times a week mixing bleached hair with chlorine isn’t going to work.

3. Your Commitment to the Decision

Do you really want to bleach your hair or did you just see a picture of someone looking fabulous with golden blonde hair? Perhaps try a blonde wig or weave before committing to the decision. You might even love the ease of having a protective hairstyle and fabulous, easy-to-maintain new look in one.


After thinking it over, if bleached hair is the way you want to go, then go for it! Enjoy your new, lighter do! 

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