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We're living in unprecedented times at the moment. Between quarantine, the constant news cycle and the effect on our lives, it can be anxiety-provoking, to say the least. That's why today, we're sharing self-care tips to help you quiet your mind and move forward in peace.

Tip 1: Engage in your hobbies 

Perhaps you've always wanted to start creating YouTube videos or doing crochet or painting. Utilize your free time to step away from the television and your devices and focus on creating something that makes you happy. YouTube is filled with a variety of videos to help you start a new hobby. Here are a few to get you started: 


Tip 2: Take Breaks  

From your phone to your television, there can be a lot of alerts coming through. Turn them off. Take a break. Indulge in a face mask, or take the time to DIY your own mask. If you want to escape even further, why not read a book, or meditate? 


Tip 3: Connect Virtually 

Just because many of us are separated from family and friends at the moment doesn't mean we need to be completely away from them. Video call your loved ones regularly, have movie nights, and hang out as you usually would, just virtually. 


Tip 4: Exercise 

We've all heard the saying that regular exercise makes you happier and more energetic, and guess what? It's true! If you can't go to the gym right now, you can still enjoy workouts from the comfort of your own home or head out for a run. Here are a few links to a few exercise videos you can do in your living room:


Tip 5: Indulge 

Every now and again you need to "treat yo'self", whether that means indulging in another piece of chocolate or binge-watching the latest addictive series; if it makes you happy, do it! 

Let us know what your favorite act of self-care is down below in the comments! 

Stay safe!

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