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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Every detail, down to the color of the napkins, is handpicked to make it your unique, special day. When the day is over there might be some things that you forget but one thing that will last forever is the pictures. The love-filled moments you spend with your friends and family, the moment you promise yourself to your partner, your first dance as a married couple, all of these moments will be captured on film.

Choosing how you're going to wear your hair for your wedding day can be a huge decision, which is why we're sharing some tips and ideas to help you find a timeless style.



Top Tips

Tip 1: The most important thing to consider is the vibe of the rest of your wedding. Is your theme modern, bohemian, classic, rustic, something else? Would effortless waves, a sleek up-do or something else go well with your theme?
Tip 2: Where is your wedding taking place? Will it be hot? Cold? Will you be doing a lot of movement? You want to be comfortable on your wedding day and while a glamorous hairstyle might be your dream, if you're having a beach wedding in 90-degree heat you might decide that your comfort is worth more than your overall look.

Let's get into these hairstyles...

The Vintage Bride
A classic up-do or a long hairstyle with vintage waves looks perfect for a vintage themed wedding. 



The Glamorous Bride
Glam bridal hair is all about the statement and bold curls give you just the look your hoping to achieve! 

The Bohemian Bride
Not bound by a particular style or trend the bohemian bride wears her hair how she wants. 

The Traditional Bride

Demure, classic, these are all words that are used to describe hairstyles that would look splendid at a traditionally themed wedding. 


The Stylish Bribe

Super-sleek. Super stylish.

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